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Barton Kaye, Film, TV and Game Composer

Barton Kaye, also known as Bart Ketelaere, is a highly experienced and versatile film and TV composer based near Ghent, the home of the World Soundtrack Awards. He has a diverse background in music, having studied at the Luca School of Arts Leuven, the Musicians Institute in LA, and Berklee College of Music, where he specialized in composing and orchestration for film and TV.

With over twenty years of experience as an in-house composer for the largest Belgian TV network (VRT), Barton has composed over 250 TV tunes and scored more than 400 episodes for a variety of genres, including drama, comedy, youth, and children's series. His work has been aired in more than seventy countries, and the award-winning toddler series Tik Tak was even bought by the BBC.

Barton's memorable melodies and unique soundscapes are always story-driven and serve the director's vision while understanding the importance of deadlines and navigating network and production politics. In addition to his fascination for large-scale orchestration, he also enjoys experimenting with (unconventional) instruments like Moogs and ARPs, monochords, dobros, kazoos, and even kitchen appliances to create unique sounds.

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